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2013-12-06 11:08 pm
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Same procedure as every year! :)

Since it's December now (yay \o/) it's time again for the annual christmas/holiday cards post! :)
Comment here if you want one! (comments are screened as usual, but you can also pm me here or dm me on Twitter (@_maknaeline, you just have to follow me first))

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1989-11-10 02:49 pm
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Jessica // 23 // German // writer and all around dreamer // lover of many things // fangirl extraordinaire (student in her free-time)

Hello! Thanks for stumbling upon this Journal. =)
The things above are the most basic things you need to know about me. If you want to know more, feel free to ask. You'll find a more in-depth introduction of myself once we're friends. I love all kinds of music, reading, writing obviously and I'm also a long-time Anime/Manga fan.
Since I usually friend-lock all my entries, comment here if you want to be added.

Just tell me where you found me, why you want to be friends, if we have anything in common... the usual I guess. 

Thanks for reading! ^^

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